Teaching Staff

Talia Salom


Talia has more than 17 years of experience working in Pre-School and Kindergarten education, both as a teacher and a School Manager. She is an expert in innovative and humanistic methodologies and projects, like Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and others. She has been using her knowledge to develop and enrich current education and deliver up-to-date quality education, focused on:

  • Permanent pedagogical update
  • To develop high self-esteem.
  • Applying new strategies of personalized teaching, while respecting the individual characteristics of each child.
  • To build concentration for lifelong study skills.
  • Creating safe and stimulating environments for the learning experiences of children.
  • Permanent interaction, information, and coordination with parents along with the educational community.

Cathleen Fraser

Montessori Toddler Lead Teacher

Hello, my name is Cathleen Fraser, or Ms. Cathy in the classroom. I am very excited to be holding the role of Lead Teacher for the Star Room Toddler Program at Montessori Centre. I am currently enrolled in a Montessori Training Program through the North American Montessori Center and am enthusiastic about learning more and providing the best classroom experience I can for our kids. I recently moved to Rhode Island from Western Massachusetts. I have my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Westfield State University and working with children has always been what I love to do. I’ve done so in several settings, including running an outdoor education program for school age children, teaching one-on-one toddler/child swim lessons, and working as a Care Coordinator for children with severe mental health concerns. In the classroom you can usually find me helping the children learn routines, become independent with tasks, and teaching them to manage emotions and social situations that may arise. I believe that a child’s social/emotional growth is so important at this age and do my best to create opportunities for them to grow in these areas as well. My true love is for outdoor recreation and anything I can do in or on the water. Some of my favorite activities include hiking, painting, skiing, kayaking, and playing with the best pup in the world (my rescue pit bull, Rambo). I fell in love with the Montessori philosophy on teaching and align with the idea that children are often capable of so much more than we may think. I love showing up each day and not only imparting knowledge but learning from your little ones as well!

Sophia Adams

Montessori Toddler Lead Teacher

Sophia Adams is a Lead Teacher in the Toddler room. She has a BA from Plymouth State University in Early Childhood Education. She is also a certified Montessori Toddler Teacher from the Montessori Center of North America. She has seen years of experience in Early Childhood Education, the last two years in our school. Sophia began as a teacher's assistant, and her professional bachelor's skills have made her a loving and committed teacher with her students, families, and staff. In her free time, she enjoys taking her dog Luna for walks, going out to eat, and staying home with her family.

Kristina Muller

Toddler Assistant Teacher

Miss Kristina is our Assistant in the Toddler class, Star Room. She is a very reliable professional and is always willing to help. Miss Kristina has four years in the field of Early Childhood Education, and her relationship with her students defines her as a future teacher flourishing. Her skills with the Montessori Method allow her to offer children significant experiences. She let her students discover their learning by interacting with the materials, creating strategies, and finding a new world through play. Miss Kristina, we are glad to have you on our staff.

Shannon Hadfield

Toddler Assistant Teacher

Miss Shannon is our Toddler Assistant at the Star Room; she has been working with toddlers for three years at the Barrington Montessori Center. Children are her passion because she loves watching them and helping them create their way of learning. For her, each student is unique and essential.Miss Shannon works with two excellent staff members at Star Room. Together, they make a great team, organizing wonderful activities inside and outside the classroom, creating an environment full of fun challenges for her children.

Jordan Hubbard

Toddler Assistant Teacher