Teaching Staff

Talia Salom


Talia has more than 17 years of experience working in Pre-School and Kindergarten education, both as a teacher and a School Manager. She is an expert in innovative and humanistic methodologies and projects, like Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and others. She has been using her knowledge to develop and enrich current education and deliver up-to-date quality education, focused on:

  • Permanent pedagogical update
  • To develop high self-esteem.
  • Applying new strategies of personalized teaching, while respecting the individual characteristics of each child.
  • To build concentration for lifelong study skills.
  • Creating safe and stimulating environments for the learning experiences of children.
  • Permanent interaction, information, and coordination with parents along with the educational community.

Alyson Johnson

Montessori Preschool Lead Teacher

Miss Alyson is excited to join Montessori Centre this year as the Sun Room Lead Teacher! She began her Early Childhood Education career in 2016 when living in Boston, MA. Prior to working in a preschool setting, Miss Alyson worked in school age childcare at the YMCA of Greater Boston and the YMCA of Pawtucket, since 2009. Miss Alyson graduated from Providence.College in 2014 and holds an American Montessori Society credential through the Northeast Montessori Institute.

Over the years of teaching, she has experienced fascinating workshops, trainings and conferences, which have helped shape her teaching philosophy. She believes every child is unique and brings something different to the learning environment, and as educators we must honor the child in order to create for them a positive and safe educational journey.When not at school Miss Alyson loves going to the beach, skiing the east, traveling the world, cooking yummy meals, and spending time with family.

Brianna Crysler

Montessori Preschool Lead Teacher

Mrs. Brianna is a Certified Montessori Teacher at the Preschool level. Before joining our team, Ms. Brianna worked as a Pre-K Lead Teacher and a Curriculum Coordinator for two years. She received her BA in English from St. Norbert College in DePere, Wisconsin. Ms. Brianna grew up in a military family, so she had the opportunity to travel and call a new place home. Her hope is to use unique travel experiences and implement them into a teaching method. Throughout her first year as a Montessori teacher, Ms. Brianna h s enjoyed learning strategies to create a safe, caring, and loving environment for children to succeed. For Ms. Bri, artistic expression and creativity are key elements of her passion for teaching. Working in a Montessori classroom for Ms. Bri is above all about establishing a community for children to encourage independent learning and provide support during their educational process.

Alexia Aguilar

Preschool Lead Teacher

Miss Alexia is a certified Prescoolar teacher and has been in professional practice with Preschoolers for six years. Miss Alexia serves as a co-teacher in the Sky Room. Her greatest virtues are her patience with each of her students when working with them on Montessori activities. In addition, she has a remarkable ability to work as a team with the teachers and assistants, planning meaningful activities that align with our vision as a Montessori school. Miss Alexia is excited to begin the best year ever!

Margaret Callan

Preschool Assistant Teacher

Miss Maggie is an assistant teacher in the Sun Room. This is her first year at a Montessori school. She has developed a genuine enthusiasm for the daily nurturing, caring, and attention that comes with being a teacher. She believes that a focus on creativity and curiosity within a structured and safe environment is paramount in the life and development of every young child. Miss Maggie has a background in swimming and babysitting, and swimming instruction for children. She enjoys painting, singing, knitting, and finding the best picnic spots in Rhode Island in her free time. She loves bringing her passions and skills for art and music to the children, which enriches the atmosphere in Sun Room.

Diane Mason

Preschool Assistant Teacher

I am pleased to say I have been with Montessori Centre of Barrington since 2017. I thoroughly enjoy watching the children’s faces each day filled with such wonder and excitement when they walk through the door. I especially take great pride in the fact that I am helping to guide them through the learning process. After receiving my Teachers Assistant certificate I ran an in-home daycare for six years. I live in Barrington with my husband Mark and my three children Hannah, Haley and Matthew, as well as our black lab Finn. `